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Death of Allen Abbott

Allen Abbott

Canadian Industry Force Passes Away

If you felt the lights dim at all of the small ticket equipment finance businesses in Canada it was likely at the moment Allen Abbott passed away this weekend. If you met Allen or even if you spoke to him on the phone you would not forget your interaction. Al had an energy field powered by confidence and enthusiasm. Al always delivered for his clients – in addition to running one of the largest broker firms in the country Al produced an inconceivable volume of transactions each month and new the details of each deal in his head. His devotion to clients was second to none and his ability to provide effective service is nothing short of legendary.

Al had many passions and a close circle of friends inside and outside the industry. His love of horse racing and most major sports lead to an office that displays to the greatest in athletic achievement. His life was lived with energy and vitality and a determination to seize every day and pursue the highest standard of business achievement while also having a life outside the office that is to be envied.

Love came to Al late in life and he dedicated himself to being a strong husband and father to two children.  Nicole and the children will always know that family was the major motivation in Al’s life.

Farewell to a true industry legend – rest in peace Al.


Hugh Swandel