Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation reports on fintech and the future of the human aspects of business

The Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation, an arm of the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association that produces future-focused research and analyses for the equipment finance industry, has recently released two reports:

Headwinds, Undercurrents, and Tailwinds: How Equipment Finance Companies Can Learn and Benefit from the Fintech Phenomenon examines the potential opportunities for, as well as the risks posed by Fintech companies and the trends they represent. It also proposes several approaches by which equipment finance companies can learn and benefit from Fintechs and become them in certain aspects; e.g., by adopting innovative efficiencies and using technology to enter or more deeply penetrate markets that until now have posed significant challenges.

2018 Industry Future Council: Preparing for Radical Customer and Employee Change Between Now and 2030 – Gen Z and the Multi-Generational Workforce of Tomorrow is the annual report of the Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation’s Industry Future Council (IFC). It summarizes discussions held at the annual convening of the IFC, a gathering of 16 industry executives in Washington, DC in mid-February 2018, which focused on the human aspects of business between now and 2030.