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Future Leaders Spotlight: Brent Addison

Brent Addison
President, Addison Fleet

What brought you to the asset-based finance and leasing industry?

You could sort of say it was in my blood. Addison Fleet was started by my grandfather in 1956 as part of his Cadillac dealership in downtown Toronto, and later taken over by my father, along with the rest of the automotive group. After graduating from university, I learned our family business by working throughout many different departments in our dealerships, including the fleet department. When the opportunity came for me to move over to Addison Fleet, I jumped at the chance. I saw so much room for growth in this industry and it is something I was passionate about. I have now been in the President role for three years and we’ve doubled in number of employees since then – I’m very grateful to have the team that we have.

 What do you like about working in this industry?

There are many things I like about working in this industry, but the most interesting to me would be learning about our clients’ businesses. As we serve our clients, it is fascinating to learn about all different kinds of industries/businesses and how they function. We don’t just look after their fleet, we want to make their whole company more efficient.

What motivates you?

Our employees motivate me and push me to be a better leader for them. Seeing them grow and move up in our company is great to see. We have many loyal, long-standing employees that have been around for more than a decade and have seen us through the good and the bad. Nothing else motivates me more than seeing our employees work as team to get the job done, hit their goals, achieve their results, and grow as individuals.

What does it mean to you to be a leader and how do you lead others in your organization?

Being a good leader is something that I’m always working on and trying to improve. Our employees put their trust in me to steer them and the company in the right direction, so it’s not a task I take lightly. My two main goals to be the best leader I can be, is to lead by decisiveness and transparency. To be a good leader, I try to act on items as quickly as possible and move on. If there is an issue or something to be addressed, we make sure we collect all the research that is available, make a decision and move on. I find holding onto items that need to be addressed, causes further disruption. We also conduct monthly town halls with our whole organization to go over our results from the previous month and learn how we are doing as a company. I want to be as transparent as possible, and let our employees be involved in our processes. When our team can see how their everyday actions contribute to achieving our goals and our company’s success, it makes everyone feel valued, like an important part of our puzzle.

What sports do you play and why is it important to you?

Sports have always been an important part of my life – it allows me to focus on both physical and mental wellbeing. I play lots of sports including golf, tennis, squash, skiing, hockey. I golfed and skied competitively throughout high school and university and that taught me that hard work pays off. I was able to harness the focus and mental discipline I learned from playing those sports into being successful in the workplace. It also gives me time to connect with friends, associates, customers, and I’m able to spend time with my family playing these sports.



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