NEW Future Leaders Spotlight: Brent Addison (April 15, 2021)

Brent Addison President, Addison Fleet What brought you to the asset-based finance and leasing industry? You could sort of say it was in my blood. Addison Fleet was started by my grandfather in 1956 as part of his Cadillac dealership in downtown Toronto, and later taken over by my father, along with the rest of …read more

Jake Thun (1938-2021) (March 11, 2021)

Jake Thun (1938-2021) We were sad to learn of the passing of Jake Thun.  As President of Royal Bank Leasing, he served on the Board of Directors of the CFLA and, before that, on the Board of one of its predecessor associations, the Equipment Leasing Association of Canada. Jake was a central player in CFLA’s …read more

Canadian Vehicle Vicarious Liability Report (February 18, 2021)

The CFLA Canadian Vicarious Liability Report is a summary of the key legislation in the Canadian Provinces which imposes vicarious liability on lessors, renters and conditional sale vendors as owners of motor vehicles for damages caused by lessee, rental customer and conditional sale purchaser drivers. Exceptions for certain classes of vehicles are noted. The chart …read more

Accord Financial Corp. announces the launch of AccordExpress (January 21, 2021)

Accord Financial Corp. announces the launch of AccordExpress, a unique process providing immediate financial support for Canadian entrepreneurs TORONTO, DECEMBER 16, 2020 AccordExpress is in part supported by the Export Development Canada (EDC) Business Credit Availability Program (BCAP) Guarantee. In partnership with EDC, Accord has already delivered financing solutions tailored to larger companies, AccordExpress simplifies …read more

Asset-Based Financing & Leasing Industry’s Contribution Report 2020 (November 20, 2020)

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Canadian Asset Finance Industry Business Confidence Survey Highlights 2020 Q3+4 (November 3, 2020)

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Annual Report: 2020 (October 8, 2020)

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January PayNet Commercial Credit Indicies (March 12, 2020)

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Equifax Latest Quarterly National Consumer Trends Report (March 5, 2020)

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December PayNet Commercial Credit Indicies (February 10, 2020)

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