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Thank you for your inquiry and interest in membership in the Canadian Finance & Leasing Association (CFLA). The Association’s 200+ members are active in the asset-based financing, equipment and vehicle leasing industry.

CFLA is the only organization advocating the interests of the asset-based financing, vehicle and equipment leasing industry in Canada. Through the Association, members are able to influence the shape of the industry’s future within the competitive financial services sector.

Members range from large multinationals to national, regional and local financing companies, crossing the financial services spectrum from manufacturers’ finance companies and independent leasing companies, to industry funders and suppliers. The customers of this industry are Canadian small, medium and large businesses as well as consumers.

The Association has four general priorities:

  • Industry advocacy – to key publics: governments, the media, other associations in the financial services sector, and the general public;
  • Member information – timely information to members of legislative, legal, accounting and tax changes likely to impact their businesses;
  • Professional education– seminars and workshops on all aspects of asset-based financing and leasing and other industry specific topics; a new on-line Canadian Lease Education Program and
  • Networking – providing a forum and creating opportunities for industry leaders to meet and talk business.

CFLA’s annual national conference (held in September) is the leading event of the CFLA calendar bringing together approximately 450 industry leaders.

The Association’s website ( is the industry’s electronic information resource centre with a growing archive of information focused on the business of asset-based financing and leasing in Canada. The site provides a range of “member only” value added services. Changes in government policy, new legislation and regulation, the latest court decisions, legal, accounting and tax commentaries by CFLA professional members are regularly posted on a timely basis for members. Over 1500 member representatives can now be found in our accessible database.

CFLA publishes an annual Canadian Market Overview of asset-based financing, equipment and vehicle leasing business activity which is also posted on our website.  The Industry Research & Data page is a one-stop-shop for Canadian asset-based finance industry data.

The CFLA Weekly Roundup – Revue hebdo ACFL emails timely business-relevant information to members including details on upcoming education webinars and industry specific events.

An association is only as strong as its member support. CFLA’s sucess to date has been founded on an effective formula of member involvement and a focused delivery of value. We look forward to your participation within CFLA.

CFLA Membership Categories & Current Annual Fees

Regular Members

Those engaged in the business of asset-based financing/leasing in Canada. The membership fee is calculated on a sliding scale based on portfolio size: gross receivables plus assets managed/securitized.

Up to $2.5 million $825
$2.5 – $5 million $1,290
$5 – $15 million $1,975
$15 – $25 million $2,860
$25 – $50 million $3,810
$50 – $100 million $7,085
$100 – $250 million $9,960
$250 – $500 million $14,150
$500 – $750 million $18,905
$750 – $1 billion $19,870
$1 billion + $21,235
Associate Members

Those who provide products and/or services to Regular Members

Companies with not more than 4 employees and revenue not exceeding $2.5 million $825
Regional company $1,880
National company $5,725
Manufacturing $3,840

Online CFLA Membership Application

Membership questions/for more information:

Charlene Forde
Director, Events & Member Services
Canadian Finance & Leasing Association
(416) 860-1133, ext 21
Toll-free: 1+(877) 213-773, ext 21