CFLA at a Glance

The Canadian Finance & Leasing Association (CFLA) supports, informs, and represents members to advance our industry.

CFLA is the voice of the asset-based financing equipment and vehicle leasing industry in Canada. This industry is the largest provider of debt financing in Canada after the traditional lenders (banks and credit unions).

CFLA has more than 220 members across Canada, ranging from large multinationals to national and smaller regional domestic companies, crossing the financial services spectrum from manufacturers’ finance companies and independent leasing companies, to banks, insurance companies, and suppliers to the industry.

CFLA members are key partners with Canadian businesses and consumers and are a crucial source of funding particularly for small, medium, and large enterprises in this country. As such, asset-based financing touches virtually every business and consumer in our country.

The Canadian asset-based finance market plays a sizeable role in the Canadian economy. In 2018, total assets financed in Canada amounted to $416bn.

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