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  • Equipment Finance Management

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LTi Technology Solutions provides an end-to-end equipment finance lifecycle management solution.

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LTi provides an end-to-end equipment finance lifecycle management platform. LTi’s seasoned professionals identify your organization’s challenges and constraints, which enables ASPIRE, our comprehensive equipment leasing software platform, to propel your organization forward. ASPIRE flexibly manages a contract from lead management through termination.

ASPIRE can support companies of all sizes’ current and future needs and can be hosted on the LTiCloud. With a complete and integrated suite of applications to manage operations, companies can streamline workflows, increase automation, and expand organizational growth. LTi’s goal with its flexible architecture is to empower banks, captives, and independent lessors of all sizes. Having every process from origination and decisioning to portfolio management and dispositioning on a single integrated cloud platform will allow you to ultimately expand and grow in the markets you serve.

As the industry’s leading cloud-based platform, we differentiate ourselves in the marketplace by taking the time to understand our customers. As a true cloud technology partner with more than 30 years in the Equipment Finance Industry, we take time to understand your business and implement the functionality for our customers that fit their best practices.


The ASPIRE platform provides cutting-edge functionality for the entire lifecycle of an equipment finance contract on one system, and continues to evolve using the latest technologies from Microsoft.

LTi’s flexible architecture provides customers the ability to grow, and take their business in any direction they choose while still utilizing the same system. LTi’s diverse client base means a robust set of features and solutions and more than 100 from within the client base hosted on the LTiCloud.


LTi’s solutions can be deployed in-house or hosted in LTiCloud. To learn more about our customer-centric approach, contact our Sales Department at 800-531-5086.

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LTi Technology Solutions
4139 S. 143rd Circle
Omaha, NE

Contact Person: Bryan Hunt


402-493-3445 / Fax: 402-493-3433