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Product/Software Category

  • Lease and Loan Administration

Product Summary

ASSET is the advanced Lease & Loan Management System for financial institutions and asset-based lenders. Designed and engineered by finance specialists, the system incorporates multiple features: New Business Processing • Lease/Loan Activation • Vendor Programs • Portfolio Administration • Document Production • Collections Administration • Income Recognition & Accounting • Securitization & Funding.

Full Product Summary

ASSET is an effective e-commerce-based, fully web enabled solution in which all processes, from the credit application to the termination of a contract, are performed on-line and in real-time, thereby reducing overheads, providing significant productivity gains, and giving users access to key information with full financial controls. The system has key amendment audit trails and supports multiple company, country, portfolio and currencies within the same database.

Constellation’s ASSET ASP solution allows finance and broker companies to utilize an advanced lease and loan management system for minimal capital outlay.

By supplying ASSET on a “pay as you go” basis, Constellation provides the advanced features of the ASSET software application, along with server hardware, secure hosting, support and training for a predictable and easily quantifiable monthly fee. This will allow your business to benefit from:

  • Minimal up-front capital cost
  • Risk of software and hardware obsolescence removed
  • Advanced functionality, helping you win more business
  • Access to skilled resources for lease and loan management software
  • Transactional based pricing – aligning costs with revenues

With ever-increasing new developments in IT, many companies are finding it difficult to sustain a commercial advantage. ASSET ASP can help lessors remain competitive by allowing them to provide improved customer service whilst reducing costs.

Please contact us for more information about ASSET and the provision options available.

Technology Requirements:

  • Deployment options: Client Server, Web Supported platforms: AIX, HP-UX 11, Linux Intel SCO OpenServer, Solaris Intel, Win32 Intel

Company Contact Info

Constellation Financing Systems Corporation
690 Dorval Drive, Suite 405
Oakville, Ontario
L6K 3W7

Contact Person: David Taylor