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Constellation Financing Systems Corporation

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  • Front-end Financial Workflow System

Product Summary

Edge is the premier front-end software system for the equipment financing industry. Edge is an integrated system with common processes that automate and manage every step in the workflow of your financing operation.

Full Product Summary

Edge is an integrated workflow management system that automates and manages all the diverse parts of your financing operation, including:

Origination: Edge Origination gives you a multiple channel system to capture customer information, price and select assets and structure transactions of any size and complexity.

Credit Adjudication: Edge Credit provides a comprehensive solution to enhance your credit decisioning process, including direct access to credit bureaus and workflow rules to route deals.

CRM: Edge CRM ties all addresses, contacts, quotes and transactions to a main customer record and is fully integrated with calendar, scheduling and task management.

Document Management: Edge lets you use information collected from multiple sources to build and populate contracts and documents. Documents can be delivered via email or the web to vendors, sales offices or brokers.

Reporting: Report Manager embeds Crystal Reports directly into Edge. You can use the 300 canned reports or quickly and easily create your own custom reports. All reports can be scheduled to run and to be delivered automatically.

Syndication, Funding and Booking: Edge provides everything you need to complete the full range of post-decision Syndication and Funding activities, while a Document Checklist ensures that each transaction is properly executed and verified. Edge Booking interfaces with lease accounting systems and contains validation and audit checks.

Software for a Competitive Edge

Technology Requirements:

  • Edge will run on all Windows based operating systems.
  • Edge Web Portal runs on Microsoft IIS Server.

Company Contact Info

Constellation Financing Systems Corporation
690 Dorval Drive, Suite 405
Oakville, Ontario
L6K 3W7

Contact Person: Cha Loh


1-877-291-4999 ext. 233