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Product/Software Name

Lease Analysis System (LAS)

Product/Software Category

  • Lease Pricing Module

Product Summary

Full Product Summary

LAS is a goal-seeking application that computes the relevant lease cashflow streams, given all aspects of the contract except the unknown (Yield, Rental, Cost, Option). Useful for lessors preparing a quote, and lessees evaluating competing bids. The application is easily installed as a stand-alone PC program, and is inituitively useful, with considerable online documentation. The results of an analysis run may be printed (summary page and detailed underlying streams) and stored permanently as a file which can subsequently be reloaded.

Also available is an optional module, the Special Lease Database, which stores a lessor’s entire portfolio and provides various Canadian tax compliance reports.

  • List All Leases
  • CCA by Class – Individual Leases (Specified, Exempt, Pooled)
  • Maturity of Receivables

This module may either be installed at a client facility, or managed as a service by Finance Technologies.

Technology Requirements:

  • Windows 98 and later

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