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Ecologic Leasing Solutions

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  • Equipment Finance Management

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LeaseAccelerator and PortfolioManager software services deliver the centralized solutions you need to manage your equipment financing processes for better visibility, controls, and financial performance - all for a flat monthly fee. Used around the world by manufacturers, vendors, and lessees.

Full Product Summary

PortfolioManager is an asset-based lease accounting and portfolio management software service used to track and manage leases, assets, and risk and perform closed-loop, asset-based lease accounting and tax for any lease type.

PortfolioManager generates debits and credits at the asset-level. This enables users to: reconcile to the penny all documents and G/L entries through the entire lease and asset life cycle; ensure proper asset coding and calculation of taxes; eliminate the inefficient and inaccurate process of allocating assets to budgets; and produce a clean and efficient audit process. PortfolioManager is a subledger that integrates quickly, easily, and securely with most financial software (ERP) applications, providing the sophistication and detail required for lease accounting.

Unlike any of our competitors, our pricing is NOT driven by annual volume or the number of transactions, users, assets, or reports. Ecologic’s software services are available for a predictable, fixed monthly fee – so your unit costs will decrease as you grow, bringing your company tangible returns and economies of scale.

To ensure business continuity and reliability, Ecologic uses geographically distributed hosting facilities with redundant back-up and fail-over capabilities. Security at the data, application, system, and network levels are also provided.

Ecologic also uses its own software to provide outsourcing services to manufacturers, vendors, and lessees. Front-office services include sales support, credit, pricing, structuring, funder competition, funder performance management, reporting and analytics. Backoffice services include lease documentation and administration, lease accounting and tax, billing, collecting, and cash application, asset management, product takeback, remarketing and environmentally-safe disposition.

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Ecologic Leasing Solutions
1980 Sherbrooke West, Suite 1100
Montreal, Quebec
H3H 1E8

Contact Person: Bruce Conway