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  • Lease & Loan Origination and Portfolio Management

Product Summary

ASSET Inc. is a full service provider of PPSA registrations and recovery management solutions. ASSET Inc. has 28+ years of experience registering, maintaining and amending registrations to facilitate the recovery of our customers' security interests.

Full Product Summary

The ASSET Advantage

The ASSET Advantage is our continuous investment in analysis, training, and system & process enhancements to reduce exposure. Here’s how it works:

  1. We administer search and registration services for your security interests.
  2. We analyze the data related to registration errors.
  3. We perform comprehensive root cause analysis.
  4. We look for opportunities to institute policy & process changes and automated business & validation rules to prevent errors from occurring.
  5. We use the insights gained from each client experience to enhance our system’s business and validation rules to prevent lender-specific errors.

ASSET Inc. understands that proper registration is required to facilitate recovery. After all, ASSET Inc. is the Canadian pioneer in PPSA automation, with its fully automated web-based service offering,™.™ is used to perform and manage registrations into, and searches of, PPSA databases across Canada. We service requests through all possible methods and formats including; batch files, screen scrape macros, flat files, XML, MS Excel, directly through our website, etc.™ also provides a wide range of due diligence searches including:

  • PPSR Searches & Registrations
  • Corporate Profile & Status Searches
  • UCC Searches & Registrations
  • Motor Vehicles & Drivers Licence Searches
  • NUANS Reports
  • Bank Act Searches
  • Real Estate Searches
  • Federal Bankruptcy Searches
  • Execution Searches

All services are fully automated from inception to delivery resulting in seamless and efficient data-flow.

Technology Requirements:

  • Web-based

Company Contact Info

1551 The Queensway
Toronto, Ontario
M8Z 1T8

Contact Person: Stephen Dixon, Manager Business Development

416.977.7771 ext. 387