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  • Lease vs. Finance Decision Tool

Product Summary

RUBICON is a sophisticated, but user-friendly, Lease/Buy/Finance Decision System for taxable Canadian corporations. It incorporates the knowledge and experience of financial experts who have spent their entire careers in this line of finance.

Full Product Summary

RUBICON is being used by both purchasers and sellers of tax depreciable assets to compare the after-tax cash flows resulting from:

  • paying cash
  • financing some or all of the asset cost (including sales taxes)
  • leasing
  • leasing with a “Joint Election”, in cases where both a lessor and lessee may qualify for claiming Capital Cost Allowance (CCA)

RUBICON can also be used in evaluating the after-tax cash flows which would result from a proposed “Sale/Leaseback” of an asset.

How does RUBICON work?

RUBICON analyzes the cash flows from each of the above options and matches them with the tax status of the purchaser to produce after-tax cash flows. Each of these cash flows is discounted at a designated rate, on an after-tax basis, to generate present values. The lowest present value represents, from a financial perspective, the purchaser’s best available option .

How is RUBICON different?

RUBICON is an objective measurement system that does not manipulate cash flows to favour any one option. Because of the current tax and financial circumstances of a purchaser, every transaction is likely to have a different outcome. This is what RUBICON measures.

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Finance Technologies Incorporated
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