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Ryzn Enterprise Systems Inc.

Product/Software Name

Ryznware™ (Loan and Lease Software)

Product/Software Category

  • Asset Based Finance
  • Automotive Finance
  • Equipment Finance
  • Equipment Leasing

Product Summary

Ryznware™ is a premier software designed exclusively for asset-based finance companies or manufacturers that require extensive loan and/or lease servicing, portfolio management as well as business analysis of their financing models, financed assets and customers. Available in configurations to suit each finance sector requirements. Can be hosted or on your own in-house server.

Full Product Summary

Ryznware™ is feature rich, easy-to-use modular software, which is tailored to each finance specific business needs. Time and time again, Ryznware™ surpasses many high end and more expensive systems, because of its unique design, functionality and most importantly, its ability to be adapted to reflect the exact financing business requirements of each unique finance business.

Since 1989, Ryzn Enterprise Systems Inc. has transformed and significantly improved companies in the finance industry to provide them with software solutions specifically tailored to their needs and that speak to their competitive edge.

Our proven Business First™ and Tailored is Standard™ strategy puts the focus on the problems, challenges and objectives of the finance business resulting in a highly streamlined, efficient and cost-effective system. The Ryznware™ core product and option modules are extensive and include all of the required contract origination, funding, servicing and analysis functionality to run an asset based financing business.  Optional modules include Securitization, PAP, Credit, and other custom integrations.

  • Global setup of Geographic Locations, Languages, Users and System security
  • Company setup of Customers, Products, Divisions, External Parties, Originating Entities
  • Contract master data including Contract Types, Terms, Rules and G/L data
  • Loan and Lease contracts with options for payment and compounding frequency, payment
  • Amortization Schedules in internal and external formats
  • Contract documentation including document creation and generation, securitization, insurance tracking, legal searches, guarantors, and collateralization
  • Transactions include Funding, Cash Receipts, Charges, Restructures, Payoffs, and buyouts or equipment returns for lease contracts
  • Billing and Collections including Call screen, Activity Log, custom invoices and correspondence
  • Business Analysis based on specified data models and trends of your business model

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Company Contact Info

Ryzn Enterprise Systems Inc.
555 Legget Drive
Suite 304, Tower A
Ottawa, Ontario
K2K 2X3

Contact Person: Joelle Ascher

613-599-3463 Ext. 222