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White Clarke North America

Product/Software Name

White Clarke’s CALMS Credit Origination

Product/Software Category

  • Lease & Loan Origination and Portfolio Management

Product Summary

CALMS is a web enabled, thin client, lease and loan origination system that manages consumer and commercial applications in one system. Clients can host in-house or utilize our ASP model. CALMS supports risk based pricing, indirect finance, and paperless transactions using digital signatures.

Full Product Summary

White Clarke North America is part of White Clarke Group, a leading UK-based provider of lease and loan origination systems as well as business improvement consultancy throughout the world. Our business philosophy is partnership and continuous improvement.

White Clarke’s client list includes Ford Financial (Europe, Asia, Latin America), Volkswagen Credit (UK), Lombard (Royal Bank of Scotland) (UK), First National Equipment Finance (Nebraska), Community Savings Credit Union (Alberta), and RIFCO (Repair Industry Finance Corporation) (Alberta), among others.

Our Credit Adjudication and Lending Management System (“CALMS”) is a fully web-enabled, thin client application. CALMS supports consumer and commercial loan and lease originations, all in one system. You can host in-house or use our ASP version, where we act as the technical host. Our solutions are structured to fit all budgets while providing leading technology to finance and leasing companies around the world.

All user functionalities are available to any computer with broadband internet connectivity, a browser and system administrator authorization. You can do business anywhere – on the road or even at your customer’s office.

Using built-in administrative tool kits, you can rapidly create and deliver highly localized products and programs across your customer base to take advantage of opportunities and to meet changing market needs. Your credit policies and business processes are configured right in CALMS for consistent and complete credit applications.

CALMS provides automated application processing using your business rules to make rapid credit decisions and reduce costly manual errors. Deal structuring, risk-based pricing, automated decisioning, electronic document management and secure digital signature capability are all fully supported.

CALMS is enabling technology that helps you make money.

Company Contact Info

White Clarke North America
150 Ferrand Drive
10th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M3C 3E5

Contact Person: Stephen McCrory